did any of you ever remember Drop Dead Fred?

hhmm.. lil' bit difficult to remembered... Drop Dead Fred is a movie that launced 1991.. it means i was a 5 years old girl who sat on the kindergarten... i dunno why, but this movie still randomly showed on my mind.
The story is about a girl, Lizzie (Phoebe Cates) , who had an imaginary friend named Fred ( Rik Mayall). Fred was her friend when she was a kid... they did all he things together and sometimes put Lizzie on many troubles. Lizzie's dad always mad to her and call her crazy.

Day after day... Fred vanished. Lizzie now a woman with a wonderful viance... . Suddenly, Fred showed up on her life... put his hand on lizzie's bussiness and also love life... this is a comedy.. but i think it's pretty sad and pretty creepy....

i remember a scene.. Lizzie was go to a pshychiatrist and met other kids with their imaginary friends.... funny.. all of the imaginary friends play together... . Fred showed up everywhere.. under the bed, behind, upside, downside... shocked me entirely! that Fred guy not always looks good... sometimes his head flatten up.. scary...

i heard they gonna remake this movie.. this bearded guy, Russel Brand,
this is the man that will be play as Fred...


  1. Yes I remember this movie very clear!!! Loving it, karena menyentuh banget, terutama endingnya yang berasa relate dan sedih, huhuhu...

    Mau ada remake? YAAAAY!


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