Friday, August 14, 2009

addicted to looklet

yup... just like others.. me also addicted to this site..
my bf always like.. what r you doing.. okay stop.. didn't u get bored?

i'm souwwwhhh addicted to this site.. i can play all day long and forget all my clock.. my appointment.. my problems.. my lunch.. my everything...

yeahh.. i never get any awards.. but i don't really put a mind on it..

i love this mix and match.. inspired by some pictures
that uploaded
colour me badd

what the heck i'm thinkin' when mix this look.. yeahh???
...hello kitty...

and this purple legging is pretty good..

..i got this turquoise stocking.. when i wore it to campus everybody jus like.. whoaaaa..
what's wrong with it?


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