Wednesday, July 29, 2009

waiting waiting

i told you before i'm going to watch Up.. heheh i'm waiting him... hoooo.. funny... what i wear today... nothing that i buy myself... ehhh except my jeans.. i bought t about 4 years ago... levi's 593.. the badge is so poor.. my mum brought it to taylor and sew it over to make the levi's badge stay on it's place.. :)... my pink tank top and the green was given by my cousin... supré.. she is pretty.. her name is Vanessa... and she is half Indonesia.. a.k.a bule... haha... you can see her on Makarizo commercials or Laurier... haha... that bag.. my new bag given by my bf's mum.. haha.. i don't mind to use second-hand stuff... style is no.1, label is lucky... hehe :)
my shoes? i often wear Tasik shoes... made from leather and pure rubber.. it's comfortable.. i got three kind of it.. different models.. black, white, and red... i'll picture it later...

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