Tuesday, July 28, 2009


okay.. this is an old picture... it's me and me... retouched...
i was doing a fashion show for my university.. that cloth is Batik... a controversial cloth because it was admitted by Malaysia while every country believe it cames from Indonesia... whatever...
what i see is.. Malaysian batiks are different from Indonesia.. maybe got the same tehnic.. batik tehnic.. sort of dye... but the unwanted-part-to-be-coloured is cover with wax first... The Malaysian pattern just an ordinary fashion pattern.. compared w/ batik in Indonesia. Indonesian has a deep-meaning for a pattern.. such as Siang-Malam (day-night) pattern, Parang, Kawung... they have their own explanation.... their own province's colourse..
The meaning for the pattern are sort of rich, wealthiness, wedding day, happiness, mortiness, and still many... and it was created since a long long long time ago... since forever i guess... because Batik became traditional Indonesian ceremonies important equipment/symbol untill now... WHICH IS BETTER?
can another country like Malaysia find another name for their Batik tehnic? it will be better for everyone...

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