AWWWWW.. this is when i was at the first grade of being a college girl.. yuck.. we were dress up for a night... we're gonna make some presentation about One room Apartment that we design ( we got the case from our seniors)... at that time.. our design theme is glam... LOL.. glam.... yeah it's glam... so, we have to costume-ing on the glam way... doh..... we used some beaded shirt.. fake tiara.. headband... neclace.. bracelet... all of it... hahahahha... look at the boy in our group.. really irritating.. hahaha.. gay-ish...


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an interior designer who loves crafts and not sure whether it was crafting or hoarding. Who is always looks rushing but still managed to cooks, baths, doing detail drawing, and chasing her son all over the place.

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